• Documentary, Action, Adventure
  • 1h 20m

It’s time to gather for this year’s cherished reunion of the outdoor & adventure world. Settle in and celebrate timeless classics of the European Outdoor Film Tour!
E.O.F.T. BASECAMP starts off with a star-studded first episode:
Join a sailing and singing party for some epic big wall climbing on Baffin Island in the all time favorite “The Adventures of the Dodo”, explore unclimbed mountains in Kyrgyzstan with alpinist Kyle Dempster, follow French singer and alpine newbie ZAZ on her journey to the top of Mont Blanc and take a long walk through the length of China.
While we stay home, our heroes know no place too far and no idea too far-fetched!

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Original Language Version with optional subtitles


Dutch; Flemish, English, German

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